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my italo obsession

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Have I mentioned how much I love obscuro Italo Disco, Eurodance, and Euro Hi-NRG? Yeah, I probably did. But it's my new addiction. It needs to be mentioned again. And I break the law for it, too.

My new favorites are Righeira (my absolute current favorite - Vamos A La Playa is in continous rotation), Raff (this is super obscure, click the link! Laura Branigan my ass!!!), Hipnosis, Krisma (they are so obscure I can't find any info on them ANYWHERE on the net WOW!), Fancy, Ken Laszlo, Gazebo, Desireless, The Twins, Silent Circle, Den Harrow, Radiorama, Silver Pozzoli, Trans-X (who actually had somewhat of a hit in the States with "Living on Video") and Wish Key.

My favorite sites are Dance and Disco (click on 80s) and http://www.italo-disco.net. This was the epitome of 80s new wave but in Euro fashion. Brilliant!!! It's unfortunate these names never made it to these shores in the hey-day of dance-pop in the 80s.
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